Home Loan Agents in Mumbai

Home Loan Advisors Home loan is a secured loan given to individuals who aspire to build or buy a house. The property so purchased is mortgaged in the name of the lending institution as security, till the time the loan is fully repaid.

The lending institution will hold the original property related documents till the time the loan is fully repaid along with the interest.

To buy a house, be it under construction, ready or resale property, the residence buyer can seek for loan from banks or financial institutions through financial advisors or home loan agents.

It should be noted that the terms and conditions of the housing loan can differ widely in terms of loan amount, maturity period, interest rate, repayment mode, etc.

ACE Consultancy has been working in this arena for several years as home loan advisors and home loan agents. We have expertise in identifying the banks and institutions that offer the loan on most friendly terms.

Till date, we have been instrumental and successful home loan advisors in Mumbai providing home loans to salaried individuals, self employed, professionals and NRIs to procure home loans at best terms.

Our home loan advisors strive to provide you the home loan deals at the cheapest rate of interest.

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Loan for Salaried Loan for Self Employed Loan for Professional Loan for NRI's

  • Salaried Individual
  • Self Employed Individual
  • Professional Individual
  • NRI's

  • From 10 Lacs to 10 Crore
  • Decided on Market Value of Property
  • Decided on repaying capacity of the borrower basis income documents

  • 5 yrs to 15/20 yrs – for Self Employed
  • 5 yrs to 20/25 yrs – for professional & Salaried

Home Loan FAQ

A. The word Home Loan means when you are eager to shift your own residential property or want to invest in real estate & taking a loan for the same.
A. Surly, In-principle / Pre-Approval letter can be issued to you based on your income. After receiving letter you can plan your budget for property.
A. Validity of an In-principle / Pre-Approval letter varies from 30 days to 90 days, depending upon bank to bank.
A. In Retail loans 7 working days once documentations are completed
A. Surly joint application can be processed but decision varies bank to bank.
A. Since this is a housing loan thus bank requires a mortgage of the property for which the loan is being taken.
A. Processing fee in housing loan varies bank to bank, normally it's start from 5000.00 to 0.50% of loan amount.?
A. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installments. This installment comprises both principal and interest components. EMI is based on the loan amount, rate of interest and the repayment period.
A. In Home Loan bank do offer loan from 5 yrs to 30 yrs which varies bank to bank & age of the borrower.
A. Surly Part-Payment & Prepayment in housing loan can be done at any stage. There is no Part-Payment & Prepayment penalty applicable if loan is on floating rate of interest. If loan is on fixed rate of interest then Part-Payment & Prepayment charges varies from 1.00% to 2.00% bank to bank.
A. Taking a bank loan is always advisable as it gives you various benefits as below ...
1. A Housing loan as it would enable you to get tax exemptions as per Income Tax rules.
2. A Housing Loan can be given by a bank only after all the due diligence of legalities of property so you are always secured in term of property.
3. A Good Loan track record makes bank more comfortable to fund you in case of big requirement in future